Dress Code

The way that staff and students dress has an impact on the tone of the school; therefore, all are expected to dress appropriately for their particular roles in the school and in a way that shows respect for themselves, others and the school environment. Our standard of dress and appearance marks our school as a place of dignity and minimizes distractions to learning.

Students who are inappropriately dressed, according to the following guidelines, will be asked to remedy the situation. They will be asked to cover up, change, turn the article inside out, or some similar action. Non-compliance can result in a warning, parental contact, or other disciplinary action as required.

Specific dress code guidelines include:

  1. Exposed undergarments are not acceptable.
  2. Revealing clothing and bare midriffs are not acceptable. All tops must have sleeves or straps that are at least three fingers in width and should not expose cleavage. Shorts and skirts must be a respectable length and fit.
  3. Clothing and jewelry that promote alcohol, drugs, sex, violence or negative messages are not permitted.
  4. No hats are to be worn inside the building. Headgear should be removed when a student enters the school except when required for medical, religious or instructional reasons.
  5. Shoes should be appropriate for safe participation in all types of school activities, including gym and outdoor activities. Proper indoor shoes must be worn at all times within the school. Slippers and/shoes with wheels (“wheelies”) are not acceptable footwear.